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Create a Moving List

Create a Moving List Before the Moving Day

You should create a moving list before the moving day. There are many reasons for doing this. The first and the most
obvious reason is to avoid forgetting anything on the moving day. There is a lot that goes into moving and it is possible that the mover will forget some of the details.

Failure to create a moving list may lead to spending more money that initially budgeted for. This may result from rushing on the moving day and since most movers charge per hour, doing some things on the last minute may lead to extra expenses.

Some of the details that most people forget are notifying the providers of utility services the cut-off dates and giving the forwarding address and arranging start-up dates for utilities in the new home so that everything will be working when you arrive. To make sure that all utilities are installed and ready for start-up, it is important to visit the new home before the moving day.

Things Moving List Must Contain

The moving list should also have what is to be done about banking. You should create a moving list so that you can remember to close accounts in the old bank and to give it your forwarding address in case of anything. The list will also help you in reminding you to open new accounts to prevent being overwhelmed when you actually move. The same applies for the auto, medical and home insurance company and the delivery services such as delivery for milk and newspapers.

Changing the address is something that should be on top of the moving list. This can be done online or offline, but doing it offers unique advantages. These include convenience since it can be done in
the comfort of your own home or office and it can be done 24 hours a
day, 7 days a week, all year round, and it is cheaper.

The moving list should include a moving-out checklist. This list will help the mover make sure all things are entered into the truck, etc. The moving list should also include a moving-in checklist. This should help the mover determine if everything has been offloaded among other things. The moving list should also include an after-the-move checklist to make sure all things that should be done after the move such as registering to vote and contacting the local
paper for a new subscription are taken care of.

Make Moving List According To Your Needs

The moving lists are not standard and you should make one depending on your preference and specific needs. There are many examples and formats of moving lists available both online and offline. Getting such as moving list online has more advantages than getting it offline. These advantages include convenience , you don’t have to move around in search of  list and can get it around clock. Cost advantages are the other advantage. This is because there are websites offering such lists free of charge and even those require payment are in competition . They have to lower their prices to attract new customers and to retain old ones. Other advantages of getting moving lists online are privacy and fact that there are lists and formats to choose.

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