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Expedited Service

Expedited service is one of the extra charges that a moving company will charge a client. It refers to the charge that
the mover will charge you if you want them to guarantee a date of arrival. This is one of those charges that the moving company might slip past you if you are not careful. Therefore, it is important for you to find out what charges might be applicable for the services that you require before booking a mover. Other extra charges that are charged by moving companies include

Accessorial charges

Often, you will find the term “accessorial charges” included in your quote. This refers to extra fees that they charge that do not particularly fall under any listings. These include things like packing and unpacking, disassembling and assembling furniture among others. The best way to avoid these charges is to make sure that all you belongings are well packed and that you are ready for the movers when they arrive.

Advanced charges

These are the fees that will be charged for the hiring of a professional other than the mover. This may be someone like a piano mover or a craftsman. If the mover arranges these services, then the professional will bill the mover who in turn will bill you.

Appliance service

This is the fee that the mover will charge you if during the move, they are forced to prepare major appliances for moving. This may include disconnecting appliances at your old place and then reconnecting them at the new place. Appliances include things like dishwashers, washing machines and refrigerators. It is always important to find out from the mover before hand if they are qualified to transport you r major appliances. If they are not well equipped to do so, then they should refer you to someone that can provide those services.

Auxiliary service

Auxiliary service charges are extra fees charged by the mover if the move is delayed owing to the fact that your goods need to be transported to another truck for the move to be completed. These fees are usually charged on ah hourly basis. This sort of scenario will usually occur if the area where you live cannot be accessed by a large truck or if the parking there is not adequate. All these factors should be addressed before the moving date to avoid such occurrences.

Custom clearance

These charges are associated with international moves. Most moves will include these fees in the overall quote but it is always a good idea to ask and be sure.

Elevator carry

The mover will charge you an additional fee if you live in a high-rise condo or a walk-up apartment. The charges are for moving your belongings using an elevator from one point to another. It is a good idea to let the mover know before hand if you will require an elevator for the move.

Linehaul charges

These charges are associated with long distance moves. The charge will be calculated by weight of the cargo and the mileage. Ask upfront about these charges as the mover should be able to know it by making use of estimates.

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