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International Movers

International movers can help lessen the burden of moving into a new country or territory. Often, they will come into your home, help you with the packing and they will then transport your belongings all the way into your new home. This often will most definitely cost you a bundle but there is no other way to go about it unless of course you can afford to leave behind everything that you own when you are moving into a new country.

That being said, it is important to point out that there are some things that even the international movers will not transport for you and you therefore often have to make special arrangements. Here then is a list of some of these things;

Pets – due to their sensitive nature, most movers will not move your pets for you into your new residence. This is mostly because of the fact that pets require that the person that is with them to take responsibility for them and also because federal regulations explicitly forbids movers from transporting pets in their vans. Therefore, you have to make special arrangements to move your pets and they should always be placed in either a carrier or in a cage

Moving Companies For Plants

Plants – there is also a federal regulation that forbids moving companies from moving plants. There is however provision for an exception and that is that the plants may be transported if the destination is within a 150 mile distance. It is therefore important to check the policies of each moving company before signing up.

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Flammable and hazardous items – virtually all moving companies will not move anything combustible or flammable.  This means that you have to ensure your household appliances  which use gasoline are emptied before you have  transported them. Also, if you have any hazardous chemicals or any toxic substances like pesticides then the moving company will most likely not move these for you internationally.

Hiring an international moving company is a very important decision to make . This is because company that you hire will be in possession of your belongings from the time. They pick them from your home to the time that they deliver them to your new residence. Therefore, there are a few points that one should for when seeking to hire a mover.

Mover Services

One, you should find out what services the mover offers. For instance, is the service that they offer door to door or door to port? .Obviously door to door service is more convenient because you will then avoid hassles of dealing with customs . This service will however most probably cost you a little more than the door to port service.

Two is insurance, and the mover should have insurance to safeguard your belongings from theft or loss. Three, is licensing; you should ensure that the moving company that you hire has the license to transport goods internationally. lastly pricing; always compare quotations from three to five companies and settle for most reasonable which does not necessarily mean cheapest.

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