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Storage Facilities

Storage facilities can be a source of worry especially when one is in the process of moving. You wonder about what things you should keep in storage and what things to take with you, you worry whether your stored items will be safe from thieves and from the elements and you also wonder how much it will cost you should you decide to keep some of your things in storage. There are a certain number of storage facilities that are available and this article seeks to demystify one of these options.

Self-storage is one such option when you are seeking storage facilities. Self storage companies will often offer different rates and deals depending on a number of factors. Therefore, it is important to know what you are looking for which will save you time and more importantly money. So, when you set out to find a self-storage unit, here are the things that you should watch for

Size – the size of the unit that you will get depends on the amount of stuff that you want to put into storage. Logic serves that the larger the unit, the more it will costs you. It is therefore important to prepare yourself for this fact both psychologically and financially.

Air Conditioning

Air conditioning – units on offer are either air conditioned or non- air conditioned. Again, the air conditioned unit will cost a bit more than the non- air conditioned unit. Deciding on whether or not to get an air conditioned unit depends on the items that you want to put in storage; if the items are likely to be ruined by heat, then you have to hire a unit that is air conditioned. This then again reverts back to planning, you have to decide whether it will cost you more to store these items in the storage unit or to have them shipped to your new place and then take appropriate action.

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How long will you use the facility – the rates that you pay for storing your belongings in a storage facility obviously depend on the amount of time that you plan to store your items there; obviously, the longer you leave them there, the more it will cost you. Every company that deals with these facilities there are those that will charge on a monthly basis and often you will find that they will charge you less if you commit for six months or longer. If you know for sure that you will be storing your belongings for six months or longer, then it would be wise to settle on one of these rates as opposed to a monthly rate. Most companies will require that you sign a contract for such a long period.

If all these factors are clear to you, then it is much easier to shop around for the best price . You can find one that will allow you to store your items without having to spend much money on it. Research into these facilities can be done online and you want have to physically shop around. Security should always be a priority in your mind. Do not settle for a cheaper rate for a storage facility only to loose your things through theft later.

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